Human & Hunter deals with the intricate servicing of firms in the field of personnel advisory services and recruitment of employees. All orders are realized by us on the basis of the individual requirements and needs of our clients.

Range of services encompasses the following:

Internal recruitment

  • Verification of the personnel requirements of the firm.
  •    Analysis of the existing work positions.
  •    Reorganization of work positions.
  •    Lateral and vertical promotions.

External recruitment

  • Definition of the profile of the candidate.
  • Acquisition of applications – appropriate placement of announcements in media sources, head hunting.
  • Direct Search, database.
  • Long list – preliminary selection of candidates (professional interview, competence test, psychological–personality tests, Assessment Centre, Background Screening).
  • Shortlist – recommendation of the best candidates.
  • Minimum 3-month period of guarantee.
  • “Residence” of a newly hired employee – at customer request.

Temporary work

We also render services in the sphere of hiring employees temporarily with whom a labour agreement is reached with other business entities.

This is an ideal solution for firms that must fill in a temporary gap to replace an employee or in the case whereby seasonal demand occurs in the business activities of the client.

In what way do we operate?

1. Meeting with client

Meeting initiating cooperation, during which the H&H recruiter evaluates the precise requirements of the client in terms of the order. During this session, there is also an identification of the possibilities and any restrictions in the recruitment action. A scenario for the recruitment process and the outlined conditions of cooperation takes place.

2. Preparation of offer

Following the initiating meeting, the H&H recruiter prepares a complex and individual offer for the realization of the process of recruitment, selection and delegation of the employees to the firm at hand.

3. Decision relating to cooperation

Establishing the final conditions. Preparation of an agreement by Human&Hunter, together with an appendix. The agreement is signed by the client.

4. Placing an order

Sending the order by the client with the required number of employees. The order must include the hour, deadline, department and number of people required.

5. Process of manning

The process of manning the positions and recommendations by Human&Hunter of the employees chosen by way of recruitment and selection. The verification of the competences of the recommended candidates by the firm is possible. Acceptance of the candidates.

6. Employment and staff operations of the agency

Sending the employees for check-ups, running health and safety training, entering agreements with candidates, notification of the appropriate state institutions about the candidates.

7. Settlement

On the basis of the number of hours worked by the employees a list of working hours is sent by the firm Human&Hunter with relation to all the employees. Following acceptance by the client of the number of hours worked, a VAT invoice is issued.


Specialized training

We are able to provide tailor-made services for our clients as follows:

  • Employee training, organized both in an open form – involving travel, as well as a closed form – in-house, at the headquarters of the client.
  • Implementation of ISO.
  • Personnel audits that are aimed to analyse the employees hired and to indicate the paths of professional development.
  • Analysis of customer satisfaction of the client, the so-called Mystery Shopping.

On the basis of customer request, Human & Hunter may actively participate in the period of adapting an employee to the new working environment for a period of between  1 and 3 months.