Human & Hunter is a team of experienced specialists providing personnel advisory services.

For many years we have been operating as an intermediary in the search for the best candidates for positions in the following specialized fields:

Our primary aim is to fulfil the expectations of even the most demanding clients. We search for employees for all positions on their behalf, particularly at medium and high levels. Indeed, we make every effort so that candidates are competent people who possess the appropriate qualifications for a given position.

We are aware of the fact of what a great role in the success of a firm is played by the appropriately selected team of talented and motivated employees. Our task is to adjust both the candidate to the expectations of the firm at hand and in turn, the firm to the candidate.

We know from our own experience that firms are not always in search of permanent employees. Our range of searching is not only restricted to people employed on the basis of a work contract. In cases whereby a firm needs a manager for the realization of a specific project, we search for candidates for cooperation in the form of Interim Management, or on a freelance basis.

The choice of our firm is the guarantee of highest quality of services available. Our employees are people with many years of experience in the area of HR acquired in international corporations, as well as other firms. Each consultant is delegated to a specific sector, which gives rise to the certainty that the service provided to our clients is run professionally and at the highest level possible.

All tasks entrusted with us are realized on the basis of the individual requirements and needs of our clients.

We invite you to contact our consultants for further information.